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Cremation Services

In 2004 Moody Funeral Services opened a crematory for operation at the funeral home′s Stuart, Virginia location. We felt that it was important to be able to manage the cremation process close to home instead of sending the families' loved ones to a third party cremation company.

Our facility is a first class facility with state of the art equipment. We also have a family viewing area for families that want to be with their loved ones through the entire process. We have certified cremation personnel that take great pride in managing the facility using the most professional methods.

Please feel free to come by and inspect our facility in order to have peace of mind that we take great pride in providing the service with dignity.

Choosing Cremation

If your family has chosen cremation, Moody Funeral Service & Crematory has several options to help you honor your loved one with a meaningful service. Our client families may choose between several types of cremation services, along with further options to help personalize each service in a fitting way that respectfully memorializes your loved one.

Understanding Cremation

Some people mistakenly believe that cremation is a substitution for a funeral. This viewpoint is inaccurate. In reality, cremation should not be considered the final disposition (resting place) of the deceased. Instead, it is more helpful to consider cremation as the preparation for the final disposition.

Cremation offers the family of the deceased a great deal of freedom to decide which type of service or memorial option will best honor the life of their loved one. In some ways, cremation offers more flexibility than burial when planning a funeral or memorial service, because there is no time frame that requires final disposition within a few days of death.

Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

Many families find meaning and beauty in a traditional funeral service. With a traditional service combined with cremation, you can still choose to have a final viewing, visitation or wake, and a funeral service. However instead of in-ground burial, the funeral will be followed by cremation. Depending on your wishes, the ashes may be either returned to your family for storage in an urn, scattered, or interred in a columbarium. This option will include fees for the funeral services as well as the fees associated with the cremation itself.

Cremation with a Memorial Service

If you choose cremation prior to the service, you may elect to have the cremated remains placed in an urn so they can be present at the service or not, depending on the wishes of your family. The memorial service can be scheduled at the convenience of family members. This option will include fees for the memorial service as well as the fees associated with the cremation itself

Simple Cremation

  • Simple cremation is the most economical choice of cremation. With simple cremation, we arrange for the body of your loved one to be cremated as soon as possible following death. The body is typically not embalmed, and may be cremated in a simple container instead of an expensive casket. Simple cremation does not include a viewing, visitation, wake, or other funeral merchandise or memorial services that will typically add to the cost of the cremation.
  • After cremation, we promptly return the cremated remains to your family. With simple cremation, your family will be charged for only a minimal number of services that are related to the cremation process itself, such as picking up the body, completing paperwork, cremating the body, and returning the ashes to the family.
  • Once you have received back the ashes of your loved one, if you desire, we will be happy to assist you in exploring any additional options for memorializing your loved one.

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